Railway monitoring with Vapérail 

Data analysis on the edge, closest to the train tracks, brings significant benefits to organizations in the railways industry, even more than anywhere else. With the AI solutions ecosystem from ST, Vapérail developed a smart solution to monitor the conditions of railway tracks with a high confidence level and in real time in order to optimize their maintenance systems.

STMicroelectronics’s NanoEdge AI Studio, through its ease of use and the artificial intelligence applied directly in each connected object, enhances our data capture expertise.



Director Digital AT Vapérail 


This solution can be placed in a strategic location and learn the vibrations of healthy railways in the field over various periods of time, thanks to incremental learning capabilities. The solution can then detect any sign of malfunctioning with a high level of accuracy, so maintenance teams can intervene before any major failures. This is achievable thanks to machine learning algorithms embedded in an STM32 microcontroller, which can communicate thanks to sub-GHz radio embedded on the same chip. 


Accelerometer from ST