People flow counting Sensor with Schneider Electric

Making buildings smarter to improve their efficiency is one of the biggest challenges companies have to face. The people flow counting sensor developed by Schneider Electric in partnership with STMicroelectronics enables the counting of the number of people. It also detects whether they are crossing a virtual line in both directions, using a large field of view and a small resolution thermal sensor.

This promising technology opens a new solution for attendance monitoring and people counting in numerous applications such as monitoring queues, building usage, and social distancing. Our innovative demonstration, created with STMicroelectronics, finds applications in various segments, from hotels to offices and retail, and more generally any building where knowing attendance and space occupation has a value. This will redefine the building of the future!

Maxime Loidreau


IoT Sensors Program Manager at Schneider Electric


– This prototype can count in real-time and with a high level of accuracy the restaurant’s attendance, while running on the standard STM32 microcontroller.
– This is achieved thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithm embedded on the STM32 microcontroller and the use of a thermal infrared technology.


LYNRED thermal infrared camera