AI solution for reflow oven monitoring with Lacroix Electronics 

To optimize equipment maintenance, namely reflow ovens, Lacroix Electronics uses ST’s Artificial Intelligence solutions. Currently deployed in the field, these predictive maintenance solutions can detect equipment changes with a high confidence rate before major failures occur.

We have used STMicroelectronics’s NanoEdge AI Studio to develop a very promising preventive maintenance solution on our production sites. Our goal was in particular to optimize the maintenance of reflow ovens. Thanks to this expertise, LACROIX Electronics can now offer its customers distinctive solutions based on AI smart sensors leveraging STMicroelectronics’s technology

Stephane Klajzyngier


Executing Managing Director at Lacroix Electronics


This solution can incrementally learn the normal behavior of industrial equipment and detect drift in real-time with a high level of accuracy in order to be able to perform maintenance before major failure. This is achieved thanks to the machine learning algorithm embedded on an Ultra-Low power STM32 microcontroller. 


Lacroix Electronics sensors.