AI solution for leakage detection with Altyor 

Making home and industry smarter is one of today’s biggest challenges to save resources. The water leakage detector developed by Altyor in partnership with STMicroelectronics enables every system to be equipped with predictive maintenance solution in order to detect leakages from the beginning. The prototype leak detector is adaptable to all faucets thanks to the on-device learning capabilities of NanoEdge AI libraries. 

Literally, within a couple of weeks after we bought NanoEdge AI Studio, we launched « Wales », a detector of water leakage with embedded Edge AI technology from STMicroelectronics.

Yanis Cottard 


President at Altyor


This prototype can learn the normal behavior of any pipe in real-time and with a high level of accuracy and detect any type of anomaly such as leakages. This is achieved thanks to the machine learning algorithm embedded on the Ultra-low power STM32 microcontroller and an accelerometer. 


Vibration sensor from STMicroelectronics.