AI solution for industrial predictive maintenance with NKE Watteco

NKE Watteco leveraged STMicroelectronics ecosystem to develop an Artificial Intelligence solution that adds predictive maintenance features to any industrial equipment. Predictive maintenance solutions reduce equipment downtime, increase productivity, and optimize human intervention. 

The Bob Assistant, based on STMicroelectronics technology, is now installed in dozens of industrial sites across Europe and provides 24/7 predictive maintenance for thousands of pieces of equipment, such as pumps, air conditioners, engines and HVACs.

Jean-Claude Le Bleis


President at NKE Watteco


This solution can be adapted to any industrial equipment. The on-device learning capability of the NanoEdge AI Libraries can perform incremental learning to tailor the model to a specific piece of equipment in every environment. The solution can then detect any change in real time and with a high level of accuracy. It can send alerts to inform the maintenance teams, so they can carry out physical adjustments before major failures occur. This is achieved thanks to the Machine Learning algorithm running on an ultra-low power STM32 microcontroller.


Accelerator from STMicroelectronics.