AI solution for monitoring automatic doors with Crouzet 

Crouzet is bringing intelligence to automation! Crouzet developed a predictive maintenance solution in their motor control solution to be able to predict failure of every automated door, with a high confidence and in real time. 

Enhanced features for our products lines is part of our technical roadmap and we partnered with Cartesiam on a highly innovative project, involving resources in France and China, and delivered, in a record time, a highly effective predictive maintenance solution on critical motor control applications. The ease and performances of AI solution from NanoEdge AI Studio allow us to consider a wider AI deployment in areas that had not been explored before.

Olivier clozeau 


Advanced R&D manager at Crouzet


This solution can be adapted in any actuator, learn the different sequences and detect drift in real-time and with a high level of accuracy in order to be able to perform maintenance before major failure of automatic doors. This is achieved thanks to the machine learning algorithm embedded on STM32 microcontroller which can manage both motor control and anomaly detection algorithms. 


Actuators from Crouzet.