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Schneider electric

“Using Machine Learning libraries developed with Cartesiam’s NanoEdge AI Studio, we were able to anticipate behaviors that were previously difficult to detect.”


“We needed a technology for predictive maintenance that was undeniably proven for industrial environments and with rapid implementation. After comparing several solutions on the market, we chose NanoEdge AI from Cartesiam.”


“Thanks to its ease-of-use and the possibility to implement Artificial Intelligence in each connected object, Cartesiam’s NanoEdge AI Studio enhances data capture.”


“Within a couple of weeks after we bought NanoEdge AI Studio, we launched « Wales », a water leakage detector with embedded Edge AI technology from Cartesiam.”

Lacroix electronics

“We have used Cartesiam’s NanoEdge AI Studio to develop a very promising preventive maintenance solution on our production sites.”


“We partnered with Cartesiam on a highly innovative project, involving resources in France and China, and delivered, in a record time, a highly effective predictive maintenance solution on critical motor control applications.”


“The NanoEdge AI Studio solution has enabled us to implement our IRMA predictive maintenance sensor, with our own teams, without having to recruit machine learning experts.”

Naval Group​

“Version 2 of NanoEdge AI Studio, in particular, allows Naval Group’s teams to increase the quality of the analysis of production data and thus take a new step forward in naval maintenance.”