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Cartesiam announces a new release of NanoEdge™ AI Studio V2.1

With the new release of NanoEdge™ AI Studio, Cartesiam continues to deliver innovation that simplifies and accelerates the development of Edge AI Smart Industrial IoT.

PARIS —  April 14, 2021— Cartesiam, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) software for embedded systems, announced today the availability of NanoEdge™ AI Studio in V2.1, to further simplify the creation of machine learning, anomaly detection, and classification libraries on any Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers (MCUs). This new release delivers a set of functionalities to improve the productivity of embedded developers and capitalizes on the award-winning previous versions that brought for the first time to embedded developers the ability to easily, quickly and affordably create Edge AI algorithms. 

Key Features of NanoEdge AI Studio V2.1.

Multiple sensor inputs.  For improved analysis and prediction. Developers can leverage a wide range of sensors input (potentially up to 1,000). The new “generic N-axis” sensor opens the door for the easy temporal monitoring of signals containing multiple variables.

RAM / Flash memory management — Provides the ability to set the amount of available Flash and let NanoEdge AI Studio identify the best library for the given constraints. A very demanded feature that complements the RAM memory management already available in previous versions.

Best Algorithm Panel trade-off —Allows the user to easily visualize trade-off (Performance, Ram, Flash) and therefore selects the best fit among NanoEdge AI recommendations.

New command line interface (CLI) tool — For easy integration to all in house development, the CLI enables all kinds of scripting and batch automation : importing data, controlling and monitoring benchmarks, batch testing candidate AI libraries, exporting libraries, etc.

Fast data loading At the import, the analysis of the signals is much faster enabling an even shorter time to obtain a new library. 

Numerous user experience improvements — real-time serial data plotter, FFT plots, frequency filtering, custom library selection, benchmark pause/resume, etc.


NanoEdge AI™ Studio v2.1 is available immediately and can also be downloaded as a trial version from the Cartesiam website

About Cartesiam

Cartesiam, founded in 2016, is a software publisher specializing in artificial intelligence development tools for microcontrollers. NanoEdge AI Studio, Cartesiam’s patented technology, allows embedded developers, without any prior knowledge in AI, to rapidly develop specialized machine learning libraries for microcontrollers. Devices leveraging Cartesiam’s technology are already in production at hundreds of sites around the world.

Cartesiam brings immeasurable benefits to its customers involved in projects integrating microcontrollers: simplicity of deployment, secure environment, rich analysis and reduced power consumption. 

Cartesiam’s R&D and corporate headquarters are located in Toulon, France, with business operations based in Paris (France), Munich (Germany) and New York (USA). For more information, visit:

The Cartesiam logo is a registered trademark, and NanoEdge is a trademark of Cartesiam. All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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