Cartesiam and DigiToad Technologies announce a partnership to deliver skills oriented embedded Machine Learning education in India

Cartesiam, the Global Leader in embedded Machine Learning, has announced a partnership with DigiToad Technologies to deliver engineering education curriculum to thousands of students in India. The program will upskill students in embedded design and engineering how to implement Machine Learning algorithms into devices and objects.


NY and Bangalore, July 1, 2020: With a projected number of 50 Billion of devices by 2025 of which a significant portion using some form of intelligence, there is a dramatic need for developers to rapidly design new types of equipment that can learn and understand the environment in which they operate.

Cartesiam, the French born SW start-up, has built an undisputed product Leadership, already applied to multiple industry and use cases, enabling companies to rapidly, easily and inexpensively upgrade their equipment with Cartesiam’s award winning technology, NanoEdgeAI Studio.

Cartesiam and DigiToad Technologies are announcing today a partnership per which DigiToad becomes a Cartesiam Accredited Partner for India and delivers a curriculum enabling engineering students to develop devices and objects that will learn and act right at the edge, without the need of a Cloud. The program is uniquely designed to benefit engineering colleges, its faculties and students in multiple ways over a short period of time.

The program will be offered to thousands of students throughout India and will enable those who will have completed the curriculum to achieve embedded AI developer certification level, a global recognition very coveted in the Design industry.

“We assist future engineers to be industry ready, technologically confident and build exciting career opportunities. We have developed and delivered various technical skills building program across engineering colleges in India. Our idea has always been to create a cohesive learning ecosystem for engineering students which fosters problem solving skills, design aptitude and innovation through introduction of latest technologies into universities and academia. Therefore, when we decided to add a Machine Learning curriculum to our already very thorough set of courses, Cartesiam stood up as an obvious addition to our portfolio of course” explains Rohit Prajapati, CTO of DigiToad Technologies.

For Marc Dupaquier, Co-founder and Managing Director of Cartesiam “Facing an exponential demand in projects and new use cases, it was important for us to enable engineering students to rapidly add Machine Learning into the objects they are designing, and this without having to depend on Data scientists nor to label data for months” “India’s high growth and quality of engineering students was a primary goal for us and we found logical to build a joint curriculum with DigiToad, a leader in embedded education in the Indian market”.

Edge A.I. and Industry 4.0

With IOT evolving from Internet of Things to becoming Intelligence of Things, companies are rapidly creating new products that can learn at the edge without the cost, latency and security concerns of Cloud based solutions. These projects are rapidly spreading in manufacturing for predictive maintenance and fraud prevention and in B2C with intelligent wearables and appliances. When confronted to the new art of possible, designers rapidly invent devices that can truly benefit from the ability to learn and understand at the edge, right where the signal becomes data.

About DigiToad Technologies

DigiToad Technologies, an Education Provider company works with Engineering Educators, Researchers & Students, delivering high quality embedded products, training services and technology teaching labs for applications specific to Robotics, Signal, Image & Video Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT, Artificial Intelligence & ML systems.

DigiToad Technologies delivers technological advancements from the Industry to the Academia and assists engineering students build new career opportunities by involving them in building and computing activities across various engineering topics.

About Cartesiam

Cartesiam is a software publisher specializing in artificial intelligence development tools for microcontrollers. NanoEdge AI Studio, Cartesiam’s patented development environment, allows an embedded developer, without any prior AI knowledge, to develop specialized machine learning libraries for microcontrollers. Whatever the industry, Cartesiam enables its customers to integrate the promise of AI into their solutions in a fast, simple and inexpensive way, while building on their existing resources. Co-founded by Marc DupaquierFrançois de RochebouëtMichel and Joël Rubino, Cartesiam’s R&D in Toulon, France, and sales offices in Paris, Munich and New York.

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