Testimonial Eolane

Bob Assistant
How Eolane leveraged Cartesiam technology in Bob Assistant


Eolane created Bob Assistant, the market leading predictive maintenance solution, with NanoEdge AI Library


Eolane brings to the project the know-how in the design and manufacture of industrial electronics, as well as the strength of its distribution and service network. Eolane has designed BOB’s electronics with all its know-how in terms of performance optimization, energy saving, and robustness. Eolane knows how to design and qualify products for the most severe environments, and produce them in large series on French territory.

Cartesiam brings its expertise in embedded Artificial Intelligence to the project. The team masters the art of adapting the most complex algorithms to the ultra-limited resources of embedded electronics, in order to combine powerful calculations and the transmission of relevant information by radio, all on ultra-limited energy resources.