Cartesiam join arm AI ecosystem

arm AI ecosystem

Cartesiam became partner program to advance AI in embedded systems and reaffirm its commitment to the ARM platform.

March 26th, 2020

Cartesiam announces it has officially joined the Arm AI Ecosystem Partner Program.

With innovations like the recently announced NanoEdge AI Studio, exclusively focused on ARM Cortex M technology, Cartesiam demonstrates its commitment to the Arm AI Ecosystem Partner Program.

Cartesiam brings to the embedded developers one of the most innovative development tools to help them integrate quickly, simply and affordably, machine learning capabilities inside their developments and this without any specific AI skills.

NanoEdge AI Studio provides AI libraries for all Arm Cortex M, giving developers the freedom of choice when it comes to targeted hardware. The static machine learning library generated by NanoEdge AI studio will be optimized for the targeted hardware platform.