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Nuremberg, Germany February 25, 2020

Cartesiam, a company that creates artificial intelligence (AI) software for embedded systems, today announced at the Embedded World conference the availability of NanoEdgeTM AI Studio, the first integrated development environment (IDE) that enables machine learning and inference directly on Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers (MCUs).

NanoEdge AI Studio is an intuitive software tool that allows system designers using Arm’s low-power, low-cost microcontrollers  which are embedded in billions of devices worldwide to quickly, easily and inexpensively integrate machine learning directly into their everyday objects (industrial machines, IoT, automotive, household appliances, and more).

Until now, implementing AI in embedded devices has been a long, difficult and expensive process requiring the expertise of data scientists spending months or years of development time, and access to complex and extensive data sets that are difficult to source.


Cartesiam’s NanoEdge AI Studio offers a completely different approach.

With a cost- and time-efficient and self-learning AI, said Joel Rubino, CEO and co-founder, Cartesiam. “It allows any embedded designer to develop application-specific machine learning libraries quickly and run the program inside the microcontroller right where the signal becomes data. It’s the only solution that can run both machine learning and inference in the microcontroller.” Rubino said that NanoEdge AI Studio has been tested and deployed successfully at a number of European and US companies.


How NanoEdge AI Studio works?

In applications, NanoEdge AI Studio transforms passive sensors into autonomous agents capable of self-monitoring.

“Imagine an air conditioner that detects when its filter needs to be changed or an escalator activating its own preventive maintenance,” explained Rubino. “As far as security and privacy are concerned, learning an initial state locally reduces data exchanges over the network and prevents risk of falsification or intrusion. With our customers’ creativity and innovation, there will be no limits to the development of inventive solutions based on NanoEdge AI Studio.”


Machine Learning Development Studio Designed for Non-experts

NanoEdge AI Studio removes traditional AI barriers. It is designed for companies that either do not have expert resources in machine learning or that wish to provide their data scientists with a complementary tool for embedded environments.


NanoEdge AI Studio Quick Technical Facts:

  • Runs autonomously on the developer’s workstation under Windows or Linux. Thus, no data is transmitted outside the customer’s environment.

  • Will automatically test, optimize and calculate the best algorithmic combination among more than 500 million possible combinations, after the developer has described the targeted environment.

  • Provides the selected algorithm as a C library that is easily embeddable in the microcontroller.

  • Generates libraries that require only 4K to 16K of RAM, making them the most optimized AI algorithms in the industry.

  • Enables the execution of unsupervised learning, inference and prediction on the device edge, opening new classes of small, low-power, low-cost devices to AI for the first time.


Industry Voices

“LACROIX Electronics is a premier provider of Industrial IoT solutions. We have experimented Cartesiam’s NanoEdge AI Studio to develop a very promising preventive maintenance solution on our production sites. Our goal was in particular to optimize the maintenance of reflow ovens. Thanks to this expertise, LACROIX Electronics can now offer its customers a distinctive solution based on AI smart sensors leveraging Cartesiam’s technology.”

Stephane Klajzyngier, Executive Managing Director, Lacroix Electronics

STMicroelectronics portfolio of sensors and STM32 microcontrollers covers a wide range of applications industrial systems, smart home devices, appliances as well as intelligent infrastructure. These components are able to perform different levels of Machine Learning techniques, such as simple tap detection, monitoring vibrations with ultra-low power consumption, up to simultaneous image and sound classification. The unsupervised techniques implemented by Cartesiam are complementary to ST’s offering : they are particularly suited to applications where what our customers need to monitor is not something they can predict or have already observed before. This is what make this solution real life-proof,”

Ricardo De Sa Earp, General Manager of the Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics.

Innovation is at the heart of Schneider Electric’s strategy to accelerate digital transformation in an increasingly electric world. Integrating Artificial Intelligence, directly where a signal becomes data, allows us to ensure a better understanding of how our equipment operate throughout its lifetime, hence providing a better quality of service to our customers. Using Machine Learning libraries developed with Cartesiam’s NanoEdge AI Studio, we were able to anticipate behaviors that were previously difficult to detect. An AI that is simple to implement and directly integrated into the heart of our equipment is an important added value in future developments.”

Venanzio Ferraro, Senior Principal Architect – Medium Voltage Offer – Schneider Electric

“As part of its Maintenance for Industry 4.0 policy, Naval Group is partnering with Cartesiam to equip its teams with NanoEdge AI Studio technology and thus meet the new challenges of naval maintenance. This innovation enables data generated by on-board equipment to be captured and analyzed directly at source”

Alain Beltrando, Head of Service Digitalization at Naval Group.



Demo with Cartesiam by emailing:

NanoEdge AI Studio is available today for download. A trial version that allows designers to begin working with the IDE is also available on

Full licenses for NanoEdge AI Studio are available for purchase from Cartesiam and from Richardson

Cartesiam and Richardson are announcing today a strategic agreement per which Richardson will distribute globally all Cartesiam Software to their clients. Link to Press release here


About Cartesiam

Founded in 2016, Cartesiam is a software publisher whose mission is to develop artificial intelligence solutions on ubiquitous, low-cost, low-power microcontrollers. Cartesiam’s patented AI development platform, NanoEdge AI, enables cognitive functions (machine learning) on microcontrollers embedded in connected objects. Whatever the industry, Cartesiam brings immeasurable benefits to its customers involved in projects integrating microcontrollers: simplicity of deployment, secure environment, rich analysis and reduced power consumption.  Co-founded by Marc DupaquierFrançois de RochebouëtMichel and Joël Rubino, Cartesiam’s R&D and corporate headquarters is located in Toulon, France, with business operations based in Paris and New York. For more information, visit

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