About Us


Creation of Cartesiam

Four partners with a vision: Bringing AI to everyday objects in a simple, fast, and affordable manner.


Focus on R&D

Rewrite from scratch all the machine learning and signal processing algorithms so that they can be executed in any ARM Cortex M microcontrollers.


First Use Case
Bob Assistant

Bob Assistant, from Eolane, is the world’s first predictive maintenance solution based on vibrations analysis to leverage Cartesiam technology. The solution is now deployed all over Europe and AP at customers of all sizes. The very first Industry 4.0 predictive maintenance solution deployed at scale. 


Technical and
Market Validation

Validation by major industrial companies of our technology.
Opening of Cartesiam NA (New York)
Analysts & Market Recognition (Gartner, Forrester, …)


Bob floods
the market

Bobs are deployed every day on new equipments and accumulate multiple use cases. There is almost no limit to the use of BOBs !


NanoEdge AI Studio
Global Launch
February 2020

Embedded World, Nuremberg, Allemagne 

Cartesiam, a company that creates artificial intelligence (AI) software for embedded systems, today announced at the Embedded World conference the availability of NanoEdgeTM AI Studio, the first integrated development environment (IDE) that enables machine learning and inference directly on Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers (MCUs).


NanoEdge AI Studio V2
Announcement December 1st 2020

Cartesiam Transforms Edge AI Development for Industrial IoT

  • NanoEdge AI Studio V2
  • Use Case Explorer: data.cartesiam.ai
  • Partnership with Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions

Our Awards

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Best technology winner

Our Values

Committed ?
Our business is committed, but it is not necessary to take ourselves too seriously to deliver. First and foremost, we love working at Cartesiam because our job is exciting and we have the aspiration of changing the world, but not at the cost of our group spirit, which, since day one, is based on respect for people and for the work we deliver.
An open door
for new talents
We are constantly looking for new talent for both localized R & D in Toulon (Var) and our Sales and Marketing teams based in Paris and New York. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are eager to learn more about you
You will be the master of your schedule. Time does not matter. It’s always the result, the boldness, the creativity and the state of mind that will govern your agenda. Your schedule will be our schedule, and we will always be careful to be available for you and give you the time you need. Additionally, we count on you to have the same availability for others because everyone’s time has the same value.


One of the highlights of our culture, every day within each team, in the open-plan, on Slack or meet, we share. Every Friday, the entire team shares a summary of their work during the daisy conference. It is a moment of conviviality that promotes sharing knowledge or concerns, to synchronize with each other, and to receive positive and constructive feedback. The sharing of knowledge is essential to our creative process.


All « Cartesiameurs » can tell you: With us, the environment is simple, healthy, and pleasant. We have a team attentive to the well-being of each other and fond of moments of conviviality. You have to know how to disconnect to come back even stronger to change the world!

Urgent ?

In a startup like Cartesiam we could easily decree that everything, or almost everything, is « urgent » as there is so much to do when you have the ambition of changing the world…. However, working with urgency is not in our culture. Our decisions are carefully thought out; our priorities clearly established and communicated, and we all share a pleasant sense of urgency that allows us to give shape to our projects.

Would you like
to join our team?